Our Process

The Ranson Group’s 3-Phase Executive Coaching Process is an iterative method to help you define your vision & transform it into action & outcomes.

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The Ranson Group’s customized coaching approach supports you through the process by holding you accountable and motivating you to stay true to your plan of action.

Complimentary Consultation

It’s critical to work with an executive coach who suits you. Contact The Ranson Group for your complimentary consultation to ensure a mutual fit.

1. Strategy Phase

The Strategy Phase determines your vision & articulates your desired outcomes.

Assessment Interview

We start with an Assessment Interview to define your longer-term vision & shorter-term goals. We explore your strengths and weaknesses, prior patterns of success & modus operandi.

  • Define goals & desired outcomes:
    • Immediate: what you want to achieve
    • Legacy: what you want to be known for
  • Clarify values, including personal definition of success
  • Outline challenges or barriers
  • Review career & personal accomplishments
  • Explore leadership style & capabilities
Assessment Report

The Assessment Report synthesizes findings from your Assessment Interview & provides interpretation & recommendations to prime you for action.

  • Clearly articulates vision & desired outcomes
  • Identifies challenges & opportunities
  • Recommends strategies to achieve desired outcomes
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to gain additional perspective from your colleagues/clients for a more robust assessment
  • Facilitate Team Management Systems (TMS) profile to understand your work preferences & leadership style
  • www.tms-americas.com

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2. Action Phase

The Action Phase transforms the Strategy Phase into a specific Action Plan. The coaching relationship helps you enact and follow your Plan.

Action Plan

The Action Plan is your road map to achieve success. The Ranson Group is with you throughout the process to encourage accountability, support you and provide a confidential sounding board as you align your responsibilities, relationships & communications to achieve success. We work together to course-correct and make necessary adjustments along the way.

  • Translate vision to a sequence of action steps to achieve desired outcomes
  • Align activities: responsibilities, relationships & communications
  • Evaluate progress with accountability checkpoints
  • Hold one-on-one meetings (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly)
  • Course-correct & deal with issues as they arise
  • Conduct update meetings with colleagues & other stakeholders as necessary

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3. Outcome Phase

At the end of the process, we evaluate your success, including the achievement of your desired outcomes. We also look at the intangible gains (confidence, personal/professional balance) you experience so you are well positioned for further success.

  • Achieve success – vision & desired outcomes
  • Gain increased confidence & boost your leadership effectiveness
  • Build stronger relationships with your team & key stakeholders
  • Display stronger presence & influence
  • Position for accelerated advancement
  • Achieve professional & personal transformation
  • Achieve better personal/professional balance
  • Demonstrate sustainable behaviour change
  • Fulfil any reporting or summary requirements at the request of management or sponsoring third parties

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