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Canadian Head of Global, Financial Services
Worthwhile on Many Levels

“I was at a point in my career where I was successful, but I was ready for something more or just different. The work environment was becoming increasingly frustrating as well. While I knew I needed a change, none of the immediate options were particularly inspiring. A close friend recommended Sharon as someone he knew well and respected highly. When I met with her, I knew I had the right person.

Sharon is intelligent, articulate, confident and engaging. Perhaps best of all, she exudes warmth and a sense of caring. She was effective at helping me to articulate capabilities, strengths, needs, wants and interests with respect to my career to the point where I established a set of clear objectives and ensuing intentions. Unexpectedly, and yet of even greater value, Sharon extended our conversations into examining what I wanted to accomplish in my life with family, friends, lifestyle and long-term personal interests. The career plan hence became but one element of a larger integrated life plan. We set four broad, big objectives and with Sharon’s assistance, I achieved all four within 18 months.

Sharon helped me experience the power of setting clear goals, declaring and sharing intentions and fully committing to specific actions. She was also able to tap into a broad network of contacts, some of whom were most helpful in advising and educating me along the journey. Finally, Sharon helped me to appreciate that all decisions need to be prioritized within a holistic framework, so that one recognizes trade-offs in the context of what’s really important.

I have worked with Sharon for over eight years now and intend to continue doing so. She has even helped me navigate executive level promotions at my current company. With Sharon’s approach, I have found new levels of confidence and energy, and have a greater willingness to take risks and a stronger ability to adapt to change.

I have said to many that Sharon Ranson transforms lives. Today, I am happier, more satisfied and enjoying life more than at any other time. Sharon remains an integral part of that success. I firmly believe it would not have happened without her.”

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Partner, Investment Counsel, Private Wealth
Analytical Experience to Get to the Nut of the Challenge

“I was in my late 30s making a career transition from B2B to B2C. The transition was much more challenging than I had anticipated. I had succeeded in my career by working hard, but mastering this new transition required a different kind of business intelligence.

I was familiar with Sharon from when she was a top-ranked bank analyst. Her experience as an analyst came through when I approached her for coaching: I knew immediately that she understood my situation. She asked pointed, provocative questions that got to the nut of the challenge and her analytical nature enabled her to unearth and assess barriers and opportunities. Her approach was fresh and insightful. Sharon’s process never felt formulaic or packaged. Quite the opposite, in fact: I felt she customized her approach completely to my desire for success in my new role.

Sharon’s key strength is her ability to coach you through the day-to-day issues that can derail your longer-term vision. She was very skilled at keeping me focused on what was important. She had crisp strategies and tools that she applied in a no-nonsense way that held me accountable and focused. Not only did I make the transition, I came away with permanent tools and new behaviours that I use every day. Sharon was a critical part of my success.”

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Broader Public Sector Senior Executive
Sharon Ranson Tells You What You Need to Hear, Not Necessarily What You Want to Hear

“I was promoted into a senior executive position. An executive search consultant referred me to Sharon Ranson. I met with two other coaches and chose Sharon because she had the right combination of business experience and a customized approach. She also demonstrated a real interest and curiosity about my business and my new challenge.

I knew I wanted to be successful in my new position. I also knew there were challenges and that I didn’t have a clear way to surmount them. Sharon helped me develop a roadmap. Her approach was structured and kept me on track. I was able to hit the ground running in my new position. My first 100 days were efficient and effective because I had outlined distinct goals and an approach to work with my new team.

Sharon brings a professional and structured process to the coaching relationship that feels personal. I never felt like I was “being coached” or processed through an off-the-shelf program. Her approach helped me achieve success, maximize my abilities and obtain personal/professional balance.

When I retained Sharon, I had no idea of the impact that executive coaching could have in helping me with my work and even with telling my family about the transitions into the new position.

I recommend Sharon without hesitation.”

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Professional Services Partner
Developing Business & Increasing Profile

I had two clear end goals in mind when I approached Sharon: expand business development and increase my profile within the company. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a well-developed vision or strategy for achieving my goals. Sharon was invaluable in helping develop my vision and she was also instrumental in helping me execute my strategy.

Sharon helped me identify specific tactics to keep me on strategy. She was a sounding board and helped me prepare for key discussions, meetings and pitches. It was great to have someone with whom I could de-brief after meetings and refocus for next steps. I appreciated her objective, third-party perspective. Her feedback was always constructive and very helpful in fine-tuning my approach and messaging.

Sharon had come highly recommended by others in my organization. Her understanding of our organization and leadership enabled her to provide strong insight into my situation. I appreciated her perspective and I always felt that our discussions were safe and confidential so we could get at the real issues and challenges.

I increased my profile in the company and was promoted. No doubt Sharon’s coaching helped me accelerate the process. Beyond reaching my goals, I gained a broader understanding of our organization and the leadership and I am much more self-aware about how I communicate and promote my contributions to the organization.

Sharon’s no-nonsense approach and honest feedback was invaluable – even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She held me accountable to making positive changes and encouraged me along the way. Sharon is a talented coach and any executive interested in reassessing how they do things and making changes will benefit.

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Senior Executive for a Global Broker Dealer
Navigating a Global Enterprise to Obtain Promotion, Recognition & Support

I was senior executive in the Toronto office of a global broker dealer and as an “import” I lacked a peer executive network. I also needed someone who could objectively help me navigate my organization in New York to get to decisions, build bridges and ultimately get recognition for my efforts. Sharon was able to give me concrete steps on how to navigate the politics to get results and was extremely instrumental in helping me build my own executive network in Canada.

Sharon was referred to me by a senior client in the asset management business and what resonated was that she truly understood the world of financial services, could quickly read a situation and could offer concrete, constructive advice. Her work experience, both in her career and in her board work, and her network proved to be invaluable to me.

I was clear on the outcome I wanted to achieve (promotion, recognition and support from New York), but the steps to get there were strongly influenced by Sharon’s input.

Sharon helped me achieve my vision by giving me tangible steps, both professionally and personally, to move forward in my efforts or to move on. In addition to my executive responsibilities, I am a mother of three young children. Sharon had the experience and vision to focus in on where I needed to spend my time, with whom and how to make it count.

I had two issues: 1) my business was not being recognized for the growth opportunity it had within our larger global organization and 2) I personally did not have the sponsors I needed in order to get recognized and promoted to managing director. Sharon helped me develop a plan that ultimately helped me shift how my business was being viewed and recognized, which ultimately led to my promotion.

Sharon’s network introductions have proved to be some of my most rewarding and fulfilling professional relationships. In addition, Sharon personally knows the pressure executive mothers face and that element of coaching truly enhanced the experience.

Sharon’s ability to leverage her personal experience in complex, fast-moving organizations helps her to provide concrete tangible guidance. I have since referred Sharon to several other friends spanning multiple industries, including technology, creative/design and law, all with equally positive outcomes.

Sharon is excellent; she is caring; she is a star; she is a true champion of her clients.

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