What can The Ranson Group do for me?
An executive coach is a professional ally who works with you to help you achieve your goals. The Ranson Group will help you define your long-term vision of success & align your shorter-term goals & daily actions with your vision.

How do I know I need a coach?
The key starting point is a desire to change & improve.
Do you have a:

  • Goal to reach?
  • Specific challenge?
  • Barrier to overcome?

Do you want to:

  • Become a more effective leader?
  • Advance to the next level?
  • Transition into a new role?
  • Seize a new opportunity?
  • Grow your revenue base or improve your bottom line?
  • Develop leadership skills & increase your confidence?
  • Improve your communications skills?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from an executive coaching relationship to help you make changes & achieve your goals.
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How do I choose a coach?
A coach with relevant business experience, training from a recognized coach training school & a track record of success in coaching will enhance your coaching experience. More information on Sharon Ranson.
Fit is essential in a coaching relationship, so interview a coach before starting & ensure you are comfortable with the coach. The Ranson Group offers a complimentary consultation to ensure mutual fit.
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Does The Ranson Group have a coaching process?
Yes. The Ranson Group has a 3-Phase Executive Coaching Process:

  1. Strategy Phase: define your vision of success & articulate desired outcomes
  2. Action Phase: implement your plan- align responsibilities, relationships and communications
  3. Outcome Phase: achieve success & personal effectiveness

We adapt & customize our 3-Phase Coaching Process for individuals & teams.
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How long does executive coaching typically take? What is the time commitment?
The minimum commitment is 3 months with an average relationship lasting 6 to 12 months. Many clients build a trusting relationship with their coach & continue working with them for many years on an ad hoc basis.

When you work with The Ranson Group, we ask you for a significant time commitment in the Strategy Phase so we are clear on your vision & desired outcomes. When you move into the Action Phase, ongoing coaching can take place weekly, bi-monthly or monthly – in person or on the phone — to suit your needs.
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Where can I expect the biggest gains?
Coaching has many proven benefits:

  • Define your own long-term vision of success
  • Align your shorter-term goals & daily actions with it
  • Achieve your specific goals
  • Learn strategies & skills to become a more effective leader
  • Identify your innate strengths & learn how to leverage them
  • Develop strategies to transform obstacles into a road map for success
  • Increase your confidence to lead
  • Fine-tune your communications skills
  • Achieve greater professional/personal balance

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Does The Ranson Group contract with the individual or the organization?
We can set up a contract with either the individual or the sponsoring organization. The confidential coaching relationship is between the coach & the individual. Regular updates can be built into the process so that the objectives of both the sponsoring organization & the individual are met.
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Is the relationship confidential?
Confidentiality & trust are critical in a coaching relationship. If a third party is involved, all discussions are done with the full knowledge of the individual client.
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How do you measure success?
Success is measured against the specific goals you define at the outset. This includes both the individual goals, as well as those set out by the sponsoring organization, if applicable. Many clients also achieve intrinsic benefits such as increased confidence & better personal/professional balance.
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“Sharon is a tough taskmaster. She is completely no nonsense and holds you accountable to your plan.”
Investment Adviser and Portfolio Manager