For Individuals

Corporate Leaders

Customized Executive Coaching Program for Senior Executives & Professional Service Partners

You’re already a high-performing executive.
You want to advance your career & become a more effective leader.
You’re looking for insight into how to make your next move smoothly & achieve success.

  • Role & responsibility transitions
  • Achieving business metrics
  • Career inflection points
  • Enhancing leadership


Program 1: Positioning You for Leadership

You’ve been identified as a high performer. The Ranson Group can help position you for leadership success.

  • Boost your overall leadership capabilities
  • Elevate your profile among key influencers
  • Build relationships with key decision-makers
  • Identify additional potential opportunities for leadership

Program 2: Perfecting Your Leadership

You want to hone your leadership performance & persona. The Ranson Group can work with you to develop deeper leadership skills & bring your leadership style to full maturity.

  • Increase your presence & influence
  • Boost your strategic thinking power
  • Prioritize responsibilities for you versus your team
  • Build & strengthen relationships with your direct reports
  • Understand your communications style & learn to adapt by scenario
  • Achieve better professional/ personal balance

Program 3A: 100-Day Start Plan Part I: Transitioning to Your New Role

You’re moving into a new role & you want to transition responsibilities seamlessly. The Ranson Group can help you plan & undertake any transition quickly & efficiently.

  • Negotiate contractual terms that will provide a framework for success in your new role
  • Implement an exit strategy for your existing role, including delegation of former responsibilities
  • Develop an action plan for success in your new role

Program 3B: 100-Day Start Plan Part II: Establishing Leadership in Your New Role

You’re in a new role & embarking on the professional grace period that can make or break your success. The Ranson Group can help you develop a firm foundation for excellent performance.

  • Identify responsibilities in your new role – yours & those of your team
  • Develop and strengthen your relationships both internally and externally
  • Communicate effectively at all levels


Customized Executive Coaching Program for the Successful Entrepreneur

You are your own leader. The success you’ve achieved has come largely through your own talent, hard work & smart decision-making. You envision more. Executive coaching is a proven strategy to help high-performing entrepreneurs achieve even more.

Program 1: Optimize for Success

The Ranson Group can help you re-define objectives.

  • Identify key business metrics
  • Build a more effective team
  • Optimize your operations
  • Improve productivity
  • Succession & legacy planning

Program 2: Grow Your Sales Pipeline

The Ranson Group can help you explore specific conduits to identify prospects & convert them to clients to grow your revenue.

  • Optimize business development & networking skills
  • Implement a business development plan
  • Organize your prospect list & develop a communications strategy for prospect outreach
  • Grow revenue

Program 3: Once-in-a Career Opportunities

You’re presented with an exciting new opportunity that will elevate your profile as a leader. How do you make sure it’s right for you? The Ranson Group can help you decide which opportunities to pursue & help you negotiate terms that provide a framework for success.

  • Evaluate the opportunity for fit against your vision of success
  • Negotiate contractual terms to optimize the benefits
  • Elevate your profile & influence, as well as your promotional skills


“There is no doubt that you helped X tremendously and that she wouldn’t be where she is now if not for you. So thank you for your thoughtful, compassionate and overall fabulous work with her!”
Sponsoring Executive